Next Khutbah - Friday 12:30pm




 Explanation of Regulations

  1. All reservations will be booked with the MAC Event Coordinator on a first come first serve basis. No reservation is finalized without payment of the deposit and the approval of the MAC.
  2. Rental requests must be given at least 2 weeks in advance of the rental.
  3. The MAC will not be held liable for any sickness or issues resulting from food that is not cooked or served within the facility.
  4. The renter assumes all responsibility for his/her guests, and agrees that the MAC is unaccountable in case of any injury or accident.
  5. The renter understands that the area being rented should be given back clean and organized. All furniture and equipment should be in their proper places. There should not be any trash or leftover food left out or on the floor. The garbage must be disposed of in the dumpsters outside.
  6. Use of MAC supplies is not permitted, unless previously authorized.


Explanation of Charges

Room Price
Social Hall and Kitchen $150.00
Social Hall $70.00
Kitchen $100.00
Meeting Room $25.00

*There is a required $100 deposit fee which must be paid in advance. This deposit will be returned after the event, assuming no additional cleaning or repair is required by the MAC staff, and the above regulations are adhered to.


Please print and fill out the MAC Rental Application and submit to MAC. We will contact you about your request in a timely manner.